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Meg is a mixed media artist integrating painting and book arts.  Her work is inspired by nature and the accessibility of outdoor spaces in the Minneapolis area.  She is the author and illustrator of “Minnealphabet: An Outdoorsy Homage to Minneapolis”, a picture book celebrating the city’s unique connection to natural spaces.  Meg finds beauty in the discarded (broken books, old windows, yellowed paper) and is especially drawn to old and broken books integrating parts of salvaged books into all of her work.

Meg has been in the field of arts education since 2000 when she worked as a middle and high school art teacher.  More recently her work in education has been through residency work in schools as a teaching artist, community education classes, and one time events and workshops.  Meg passionately believes that everyone can learn to draw, paint, sculpt, and be creative with the right guidance and support.  Her students gain skills and confidence through intentional, concrete demonstrations and use of quality professional art materials.


Interested in learning a new skill or technique? I’m a teacher at heart and I love to find ways to nurture and support your creativity.  Below are some of the classes that I have offered in the past.  These are just a jumping off point, be sure to reach out if you are looking for an art activity (online or in person) for your classroom, event, book club, camp, or retreat.

Paper Quilling


Book Binding and Journal Making


Drawing from observation

Plein air painting