About Meg

Meg Erke is a mixed media artist and illustrator working in collage and painting. Her work is inspired by the natural world (most often the woods, water, and trees of the midwest) and how we look for and find ways to connect with each other through art and nature. She is the author and illustrator of “Minnealphabet:  An Outdoorsy Homage to Minneapolis”, a picture book celebrating the city’s unique connection to natural spaces.  Meg has a BA in Visual Art from Luther College and her Masters of Education from Lesley University.  It was during her undergraduate years that she first fell in love with Book Arts and Painting as forms of artistic expression. It took another decade and leaving her career in middle and high school arts education to find ways to integrate the two mediums together. Meg’s paintings often include found text from salvaged and broken books and her Minnealphabet series includes text from old travel guides about the Twin Cities area.